Here at Stranraer Dental Laboratory we are proud to offer a vast array of products ranging from Economy dentures through to Crown and Bridge work.

Economy Dentures

“Economy “ suggests cheap and nasty but any appliance going into a patient’s mouth must be constructed with thought and finished to a high standard. We use Japanese manufactured teeth which has many shades to choose from. These dentures are polished to a high lustre.



Private Dentures

For our private dentures we use Schottlanders Enigma Life teeth. We floss between each individual tooth to give a realistic and natural finish. The gums are contoured and stippled to imitate the natural shape and texture of patient’s gums.

The denture is finished in a high impact acrylic which is 3 times stronger than standard acrylic. This is a more superior look than economy.



Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are made from Nylon and are carefully designed to function within a very flexible environment to provide a high degree of comfort whilst being unobtrusive as possible and very strong.

The material strength is such that it is virtually unbreakable in the patient’s mouth and can be made very thin with minimal coverage.
Each stage of our acrylic denture construction takes five days to complete, but individual urgent cases can be negotiated. We can produce an emergency temporary partial denture for patient’s who have unexpectedly lost a tooth, crown or bridge. This requires only one day to achieve.


Denture Repairs

Denture repairs take one day to complete but patients are more than welcome to contact us or call in for a private repair or adjustment.
We have ample onsite parking and waiting facilities. No appointment is required and patients will usually be waiting no longer than an hour for their denture to be repaired.



Cobalt Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures are obviously far superior to acrylic dentures being much stronger with less gum coverage. They are much more stable with rests and clasps retaining and dissipating oral pressures throughout the mouth. We are particularly proud of these dentures. The patient is basically wearing jewellery in their mouth. We offer dentures in an economy and private range.



We offer a wide range of appliances from Twin Blocks, Essix Retainers to Splints and Sports Gum shields. Being a very keen rugby player Gordon Keith has personally tested out our Gum Shields with great success.